What’s New

New & Improved Features

Improved and faster way of resolving entity icons (4.13.5)

Solution brings a substantial improvement which should result in a general performance boost in all environments where icons are displayed

Extension of the the MIN and MAX expressionist functions to handle same parameters as SUM (4.13.5) Behind the scenes SUM,AVG,MIN,MAX now share same code to produce their result.





$MAX(List of Numbers)

$MAX(List of Dates)

$MAX(List of Entities, attribute name or id)

$MAX(List of Global Identifiers, attribute name or id)

Added recursive subclasses to modelPartners API (4.13.5)

Returns subclasses in tree structure, rather than a flat list  

New isGranted API (4.13.4)

New Optional Query Parameter for specifying a definition for a generated entity (4.13.4) 

See details in API documentation

Single Value option for Knowledge Sets (4.13.3)

Added a single value option for attributes where multiplicity allows for more than one attribute value.  

New variable for authrecords, TARGET_VARIANT (4.13.3)

Allows Authrecords to target variants (subtypes) of data types, useful for managing plugged in modules and files that they save to the database.  

New and improved APIs introduced (4.13.3)
  • A set of Application runtime APIs has been introduced to access the Input Panel
    • APIs have been supplemented with a script for swift and easy integration points in Applications

  • A new API endpoint for executing a Knowledge Set and returning the result as Json objects

New and improved APIs introduced (4.13.1)

  • Find by text
  • User authentication details
  • Attribute properties & metadata
  • Add name / presentation to entity
  • Limit character input on text search
See API documentation for details.

Model Viewer Alpha Release

Model Viewer is a powerful visualization tool for overviewing and documenting information structures in inorigo.

With 4.13 we release an early Alpha version of the tool. Please note that bugs may be present, and that the tool still lacks several usability and design elements.

Add custom modules to an inorigo environment

With 4.13 a we add the capability of dynamically adding and configuring modules to an inorigo environment.

A new System Management tool has been introduced through which custom modules can be set up to appear as menu items. See the system administrations documentation for more information.

Configure issue-reporting

A configurable mailing client has been added for when an exception appears, or when a user maunally open the report an issue panel

Read more about how to configure this mailing client in the System Administrators documentation

Toggle Dependency warnings

A new menu item has been added to the Options menu in Model Builder that controls if the user will be warned about dependencies (collateral side effects).

Support for user login through either email or user name Enables more dynamic SSO and LDAP sign-in solutions.

Numbers are no longer written as floating point when exporting Knowledge Sets to CSV

New primitive & Expression function for reading Knowledge Sets

Primitive name is EXEC_KNOWLEDGE_SET and is located under integration.

Function name is $KNOWLEDGE_SET.

Both outputs a Knowledge Set as a Dataset.

Web Services

Query as a Web Service

Queries can now be configured in json format through an API.

DELETE / GET / POST  / PUT Dataobjects – handle storage of custom dataobjects to the database.

Resolved Issues

Fix Version(s) Key Summary
4.13.5 ID-5327 inorigo and application insights causes http 500 in modelbuilder/application builder
4.13.4 ID-5259 4.13 slow loading compared to 4.8 after application edit
4.13.4 ID-5225 KS – failure indication in the end of each execution
4.13.3 ID-5150 Server startup – warning about ApplicationInsights
4.13.3 ID-5117 Bookmarks/Favorites API – Error when bookmark folders exist
4.13.3 ID-5035 Locks in linked views
4.13.2-HF ID-5112 Server Side Method Execution
4.13.2 ID-5007 Application Builder – cannot edit application “old” way (jnlp)
4.13.1 ID-4844 Web Aggregation table – copies of Aggregation tables settings aren’t kept separate
4.13.1 ID-4601 Web Calculation box – doesn’t support some color conditions
4.13 ID-4656 AVP: External link attributes cause automation panel crash
4.13 ID-4632 AVP. Add & Remove on Automated attributes
4.13 ID-4616 AVP: Default superclass not editable
4.13 ID-4615 KS naming in model builder
4.13 ID-4604 AVP – can’t use primitive color
4.13 ID-4580 Selected Item in an application is not defaulted as value in the AVP Panel
4.13 ID-4579 Workbench – context ghost menu remains
4.13 ID-4280 App Builder Method Call in KS
4.13 ID-4271 Edit SQL in Limited mode
4.13 ID-4189 Data source editor – Required table field does not use validation


Known Issues

no known issues

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